What Every Home Made Dog Food Should Have

Over the past few years there has been a growing concern for animal nutrition to be improved. This implies that there is need to supplement the various food varieties available for them with home made dog food. It is important therefore to know exactly what to include in your dogs diet as you prepare them a meal. Canines require a special nutrition for them to grow healthy and strong. The food you prepare for your dogs must meet their nutritional demand just like what people need. If done right, home made dog food can be better than many dog brands you buy.

Balanced Diet A Must

Home made dog food must be balanced at all times. There is a lot of discussion and contradictory statements on the exact meaning of balance and the frequency of feeding your dog. For instance, a lot of people argue that you don’t have to feed your dog a balanced meal every time. This is true, provided the nutritional need is met by giving them different food with the missing ingredients in the next meals. This ensures the dog gets a complete diet in addition to being balance though at different intervals. This can be spread over a week to avoid feeding your dog with the same food repeatedly.

It is also important to note that puppies are prone to diseases caused directly by nutritional deficiencies. Thus, home made dog food meant for them must be carefully selected to meet their growing need.

What To Must Be Included?

All canines eat meat. Therefore, it is crucial to include meat in the diet. Other animal products can also be included. It is advisable to make sure that half the diet is made up of meat or animal products. As you feed your dog with meat be careful not to overfeed with fat. Excessive fat can make your dog obese. Little fat can also lead to nutrition deficiency. There is need for one to strike a balance. The meat can be cooked or raw.

Fish is a rich source of vitamin D. Home made dog food can have some fish, preferably canned fish with bones. There are two ways of feeding your dog fish. You can give your dog a small quantity of it every day or you can simply choose to give them a large quantity a few times a week. Vitamin D is good for bone development by improving the rate of calcium absorption.

Body organs such as liver should also be included. This is because liver is nutritious. The liver can be from beef or chicken. Other foods that can be included are eggs, dairy, fruits and vegetables,grains, … Be sure to also take into account the tips on contents of the best dog food we gave in this post.

Every dog needs a healthy diet to stay healthy. Home made food can be a rich source of high nutrition value if well incorporated and made. There is need to understand the kind of food a dog requires so that it can be included in their daily diet.