Wellness Dog Food – A Healthy option

In case you are not aware, Wellness is a brand of dog food that is very much respected in the animal community. Interesting thing is, while many other major brands in the pet food industry have put out low grade products in the recent past, wellness has managed to stick to its stick quality guideline on any matter touching on pet food.

Wellness dog food in particular is made with one sole objective in mind, this is to provide the best nutrition to you dog. It is therefore nice to have a company that is not only dedicated but also cares about your dog slightly more than it actually cares about your money.

welness dog food

Dog food with human grade ingredients

The company stands out from the rest in the sense that it makes its food with human grade ingredients. So what exactly does that mean? This simply means that human food has to meet certain strict guidelines. More specifically, it has to be approved by the FDA and then passed through a number of other tests before it is finally given the green light to undergo processing and sale to humans.

Ingredients used for food for dogs on the other hand seemingly are not as strict, this simply means that things such as bacteria and contaminants may be present in low grade pet food. Such contaminants can also cause the dog to develop a number of health problems over a certain period of time. Good news is, you are bound to notice this right away. In short, bad quality food can easily lead to digestive problems such as lack of nutrition, weakened immune systems as well as allergies in some instances. All of these can be troublesome to the dog if not taken care of.


From the above, you can clearly see the important of giving your dog the best quality food. As a matter of fact, you may be forced to spend slightly more than planned on the Dog food something which though may have not been planned for would most definitely make your dog way much happier. Remember, the money which you save from the Vet bills you can then use to settle other bills or better yet focus more on helping keep your dog healthier.


How Wellness Dog Food is made

This food is different from the rest in the sense that it is made specifically to assist the dog realise its different needs. This is exactly why there are a number of formulas and recipes available. One of the most popular recipes is the one for dogs with allergies. Just so you know, many of the dogs which have allergies are extremely sensitive to fillers, proteins and additives hence such ingredients should never feature anywhere in their food. Take note, after consuming these ingredients over a long period of time, it has been found that they can develop allergies and in some cases even lead to digestive problems.


In addition to all of the above, it is also very important to note that wellness makes a special blend of dog food which is meant to help dogs cope just fine especially if they have allergies.