Homemade organic dog food recipes

It is known that some of the commercial brands of dog food have undesirable effects like heat rashes and dry skin among many others. The main reason as to why these side effects occur is as a result of the ingredients used. Examples of ingredient causing negative sideeffects include meat by products, fillers and even general junk. When people realize that most commercial dog food contains ingredients that risk the lives of their buddies, they opt for the expensive organic dog food. This can cause a toll on you because just a small bag is capable of feeding not more than twice, making it quite costly for most people.

To save your money, opting for homemade organic dog food recipes is a good alternative, but it will require you to prepare everything by yourself. In addition to the element of saving the cost, the food that you will prepare will be healthier than the commercial dog food. This is so because you will have the opportunity to choose quality ingredients for the meal. Another good thing is that the homemade organic dog food can last for even more than a week provided you freeze them. The best part is that you will always have cheap and most importantly healthy alternative for your buddy.

The following are some of the dog food recipes that are high in nutrients and that will ensure a happy healthy dog. They include;

Peanut butter cookies

You can of course purchase an organic peanut butter from a grocery store near you. It is important to note that some of the commercial peanut butters contain unhealthy hydro genic oils and addictive. To be on the safe side, you can make your own by using raw peanuts and peanuts oils. You will require a food processer to be in a position to process the mixture. Since dogs love peanuts, add some fish oil in the cookies in the dog’s diet. The fish oil plays a great role in ensuring that the coat of the dog is improved by making it shiny, softer and healthier.

Chicken jerky

The chicken jerky can serve as an alternative to store bought hides. The jerky has the ability of keeping the dog occupied for some time since it is hard and chewy. On the other hand, the chicken contains some good amount of protein which is very crucial for buildup of the muscle structure for your friend.

For this dog food, you will require 3-4 chicken breasts. Make sure you slice it and any remove excess fat. Bake it for about 2 hours and ensure it is hard and dry. For these dog food recipes, potatoes can serve as healthy vegetable alternative.

Frozen yogurt pops for dogs

Yogurt contains calcium and proteins which can aid your buddy in the digestion of food. This frozen treat contains carrots and fruits juice which supply your friend with the needed vitamins. The time needed to prepare this diet is short, as you will only require the three ingredients mixed together well. Then later on place them on the ice cubes trays and freeze till they are solid.

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