Healthy Dog Food

When we decide to keep dogs in our home stead either as pets, domestic animal or work dog, eitherway we should feed them. They need to be given food as a basic necessity, and for their well being and healthy growing they should be fed on a healthy balanced diet. Beacause a healthy meal will cater for all their body needs like energy, growth, good immune system, strong bones and teeth, soft body fur and well built muscles.As we discussed earlier, one can choose to go with homemade organic dog food recipes or raw diets, but in this post we will give some more general information on healthy dog food.

Healthy Dog food should be determined by the age and size of the dog because as dogs grow older and bigger, their bodies also grow different needs. Dogs also feed depending on how active they are in their lives so if you frequently take your dog with you when you are going for walk in the park, or if it is a working dog then it might need food that is rich on fats and proteins for energy and muscle maintaining.

Before you go shopping for you dogs food, it is very important that you first speak to the dogs veterinarian, so he/she can give you advice on healthy dog feeding and also for you to know what is healthy and what is harmful to your dogs body. Because your dogs lifestyle, genetics and reproduction contribute a lot towards the amount of food it should eat, the vetinerian will evaluate your dog’s body and tell you the basics on what dog food you should buy and also on how to keep you dog’s weight on check.

Healthy dog feeding: it is a basic right for your dog, so as the dog’s owner it is your duty and responsibility to make sure your dog gets healthy and balanced meals every day. For you to accomplish healthy feeding for your dog you should at least do some research on the products that you are buying for the dog. Always make sure that all food that you are buying contains all the essential components. Look at the ingredients research on the brand either by looking for helpful information on their website or you can call the customer care direct. Also note that most genuine manufactures always provide their ingredients source on the website. Always look for a guaranteed analysis that clearly indicates the amount and percentage of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin, moistures, fats and oils.

When you are choosing healthy food for your dog it is important to make sure the food contains everything necessary for the dog’s growth. If the food contains only a single ingredient then it must at least contain the largest percentage of that ingredient. For example if the food is said to be made of chicken lamb then chicken should make a large percentage of the dog food.

Lastly you should also be very keen on checking expiry date on the products before purchasing them, just the same way you check expiry dates on your food items when shopping, it is good to check also for dog food, because dogs can also get sick from eating expired food.