Earthborn dog food reviews: the TOP 7

Finding the right dog food for your pet is essential for maintaining its health and happiness. If you have read any Earthborn dog food reviews, you would know that this brand is the best of the best. However, which one of the dog foods this brand offers are the cream of the crop? Listed below are the top seven Earthborn dog foods that you can find on the market.

Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Small breed dogs require a different kind of nutrition from larger dogs. Usually, energy levels are comparable between the larger and smaller breeds, but smaller dogs require their nutrients in a more concentrated dose. This product aims to deliver that level of nutrition and help your pup attain a much better overall level of health.


This product is packed with all kinds of nutrients, from proteins to fats to carbs. It also has a lot of antioxidants. The kibble is specially designed to be as small as possible, thereby making it easier for your pet to chew on.

Small Breed Dry Dog FoodPros

  • It provides a complete nutritional package for your dog, rendering it unnecessary to go for any other product to supplement your pet’s diet.
  • The small kibble makes it likely that your pet would not have digestion issues after eating its meal, and it would end up eating more and getting healthier.
  • This product is also chock full of special nutrients that promote gray matter growth in your puppy.


  • It is not really suitable for dogs that have a large appetite since the smaller kibbles make the dog want to eat more, thereby making it costlier for the owner.


Overall, this is a great product if you are looking for a single food to fulfill all of your pet’s dietary requirements. It is convenient, and its portion sizes are generous for the price that the product is offered at. Since this product tastes so good, you are going to have no trouble convincing your pet to eat it. In our reviews we put it on the same level as Blue Wilderness and Exceed.

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Wells Pet Food Earthborn Holistic Natural Food

The problem with a lot of dog foods is that they make your dog gain weight. You need a product that can prevent this from happening, so this dog food is certainly one that you should look into.


The special formula that this product has been created with includes several different kinds of proteins, all compacted into a single food that is easy to digest. This is a dog’s version of diet food, so if your pet tends to gain a lot of weight, this product can be quite helpful.

Wells Pet Food Earthborn Holistic Natural Food for Pet Weight ControlPros

  • The nutrients are absorbed quicker thanks to the seamless formula that has been used here, so your dog’s energy levels are going to remain quite high.
  • It can help your dog lose weight even if it has a large appetite, so you can maintain your pet’s health without hurting its feelings by giving it less food.


  • This product is not suitable for pets that already have a low weight as it is not going to help them pack on any pounds. This can be a problem for pets that generally don’t eat a lot anyway.


If you are looking for a product that has a lean formula designed to make your pet as healthy and fit as possible, this dog food is pretty much all you are going to need. You might have to give your pet a few extra helpings a day, but this is just going to make you even more popular with your pet.

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Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Probably the single most important nutrient that your dog can eat is protein, so you need to look into a high protein food for your dog, especially if it is a larger breed. The problem is that many high protein dog foods tend to make your dog fat, but this product solves that issue by being grain free.


This product features a grain-free formula that is free of any unnecessary additives. The main meat used here is bison meat which is extremely high in protein without any of the fat that comes with chicken or beef. Lamb is used to help improve flavor.


  • Specially designed to taste excellent so that your dog would not balk at the prospect of eating it.
  • The bison meat used is lean and very useful for increasing the overall protein intake of your pet.
  • The addition of lamb to accent the bison meat helps maintain flavor.
  • The grain-free formula helps make this a low-calorie food for your pet.


  • A major problem with this dog food is that it is not very versatile. While it is great for pets that need a huge intake of protein, there are no other nutrients offered, so you will have to supplement it with other foods.
  • It is not suitable for underweight pets.


If you have a larger dog that is extremely active, you need a high protein food that would give it all of the nutrients it’s going to need. With this dog food, you would be able to provide your pet with all of this necessary protein.

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Wells Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage Natural Puppy Food

This is a specially designed dog food for puppies who generally have a much more sensitive digestive system. Puppy food is often low quality on the market, but Earthborn is seeking to change that with its superior formula.


The ingredients of this product include chicken meal and whitefish meal which are extremely healthy and chock full of protein without the fat. Sweet potatoes, brown rice, and barley are also added to help make each meal filling for your pet and not leave it craving for more after its meal is over.

Earthborn Holistic, Puppy VantagePros

  • High in protein but low in fat, this dog food provides the necessary nutrition without putting your pup at risk of getting overweight.
  • Barley, potato, and rice provide carbohydrates which are very important if you want to keep your dog as healthy as possible and provide it with adequate energy.
  • The chicken meal and whitefish meal help make this a filling food for your pup, so you can provide smaller portions.


  • Taste is a serious problem when it comes to this product because meal has been used instead of actual meat.
  • While the product is high in protein and carbs, it does not contain any vitamins or other important nutrients.


This is a great product for people who want their pup to grow as fast as possible and become strong and healthy. It is generally meant for larger breeds, though, so you should be careful if you have a small breed pup.

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Earthborn Holistic Dog Food

A holistic dog food is basically something that provides a balanced diet. For health-conscious pet owners, this can be a real boon because a lot of dog foods prefer taste over nutrition. This product is different, as it puts the health of your dog first.


The formula for this product primarily contains salmon meal as well as whitefish meal. There is also a mixture of other ingredients such as peas, apples, cranberries and blueberries. Spinach is also an important part of the overall formula for this dog food, rounding off the list of ingredients that have been used.

Earthborn Holistic Dog Food, Natural FlavourPros

  • This is pretty much as healthy as dog food can get. The source of protein is extremely lean since it is primarily fish meal, which helps keep excess weight off your pet.
  • The combination of ingredients used here makes it a lot easier for your dog to get vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, thus making this dog food a complete meal for your pet.


  • Since there is no actual meat in this product, the taste is not going to be to your pet’s liking. You might have to offer your pet a lot of treats to get it to eat this product.


Health is a priority when it comes to dogs and since you, as the dog’s owner, are basically its parent, it is up to you to ensure your animal gets the best possible diet in order to keep it healthy and give it a long life. This is the best product to help you meet that end.

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Earthborn Holistic, Puppy Vantage

Holistic food for puppies is quite different from holistic food for dogs. Puppies have different needs since they are growing. They need a more concentrated dose of nutrients that would help them get to their maximum size in the shortest amount of time. If you want a fast-growing pup, you should check this product out.


A combination of chicken meal and whitefish meal has been used in the recipe for this product, and barley, brown rice and sweet potato is used to bulk up the formula and provide your pup with a filling meal.

Wells Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage Natural Puppy FoodPros

  • The combination of ingredients used here makes this a very filling meal, so you don’t have to worry about large serving sizes and the like.
  • The protein concentration in this food helps your puppy’s bones grow nice and strong so that there is a far lower risk of damage occurring later in life.
  • This product contains DHA which is great for your dog’s mental development as well as the improvement of its eyesight.


  • Puppies generally want tasty food, and this food is not very tasty because of the absence of meat.
  • This is not suitable for small breed dogs.


Ensuring that your pup grows up to be as healthy and strong as possible is a priority for most pet owners and with this product, you can ensure that your puppy does not suffer any problems later on in life. The taste might be an issue, but as long as you start it out early, you should have no problems feeding it to your pet.

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Wells Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Grain-Free Dog Food

A major problem with dog foods these days is that they contain a lot of additives and chemicals. Finding an all-natural dog food can be quite tough, but this product is meant to make it easier for you. This product will fill up this need. We already discussed some other all natural dog food brands in this post and here.


Turkey meal, chicken meal, and whitefish meal are used in this product, providing a complete supply of protein. Additionally, this product is free of gelatin and grain which helps make it healthier for your pet.

Wells Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Grain-Free Dog FoodPros

  • The wide variety of proteins used in this dog food makes it a great option since it makes the food taste a lot better than other meal-based varieties.
  • Gelatin and grain are bad because they can make your dog feel full but don’t really provide any nutritional value. Hence, the fact that this product is free of such substances makes it a very high-quality option.


  • The protein content is high, but there are no other nutrients apart from this. You will have to use a number of other dog foods in conjunction with this one if you want your pet to have a fully balanced diet.


Taking your dog back to its natural diet is a great way to ensure that it grows strong and healthy. This product contains the sort of food that dogs are naturally inclined to love, so it tastes good along with being highly nutritious. You should get this if you have a big dog with a large appetite.

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There is so much variety out there that finding the right food can start to seem like an impossible task. The list above can make it a lot easier for you to get the right kind of dog food for your pet. This list includes some of the best varieties out there, so you can pick one out that serves the specific needs of your pet.