Diamond puppy food reviews: the TOP 7 rated

If you have a puppy, you know how important it is to give this puppy the right kind of nutrition in order to make it strong and healthy in the future. Diamond puppy food reviews you might have read would have told you that this brand offers the best puppy food bar none. Listed below are the seven best products that this brand has to offer.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Puppy


checkA puppy food that deals with the whole body is a very important part of enabling your animal to grow to its full potential. There is a high probability that your dog will suffer certain diseases in life as well, so your puppy food should help prevent these things. This is one dog food that ticks all of the boxes.


This product features a balanced blend of proteins and vitamins, and it contains the all-important DHA as well which is essential for maintaining your pup’s overall physical health. The antioxidants that this product has are also very useful, and the company has included omega-3 fatty acids to balance out the overall formula. With this formula it can compete with the very top health puppy foods of Blue Buffalo, which we discussed here.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for PuppyPros

  • The ingredients for this product make it excellent for your puppy’s skin and fur. It will prevent dry skin and promote a nice, glossy coat.
  • This is also a great product for improving your dog’s mental faculties and improving its eyesight early on in life.


  • There is no real meat in this product, so it does not taste all that great for your puppy.
  • The combination of ingredients can be quite fattening, so you will have to keep this in mind while you are feeding it to your dog.


Overall, this is a great solution for your pup if you want to ensure that it has an excellent coat. It is great for furry dogs with thick manes because the formula used here is specially designed to help your pup’s coat stay long, silky, and as strong as possible.

Diamond Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food for Puppy


checkDry food for a puppy has certain requirements. It is certainly a much better option than wet food for a variety of different reasons, but the fact of the matter is that dry food needs to be specially designed. This product has been designed to provide a balanced diet for your pup.


This is an excellent formula that contains very precise levels of protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, and DHA. The formula has been designed to provide your pup all the nutrients it would need over the course of the first year of its life, thereby making it the perfect all-around solution.

Diamond Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food for PuppyPros

  • It is an extremely balanced meal that is filling without being fattening.
  • It is great for developing the bone strength of your dog.
  • This product has been designed to help strengthen specific areas of your dog’s body such as its sense of smell and hearing.
  • The clinically-precise formula will ensure that your dog does not overdose on vitamins, which is a common problem when it comes to enhanced dog food.


  • The biggest issue with this product is that it does not contain any flavorful ingredients, which would make it quite difficult for you to feed it to your dog.


If you want to meet all of your puppy’s nutritional requirements with a single food, this is the product for you. Its special formula has been tried and tested and if you give it to your pup regularly during its first year, it will grow to be big and strong indeed.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Puppy, Large Breed Lamb and Rice Formula


checkSometimes, your puppy would need something more than just a clinically-produced formula designed to make it healthy. Natural ingredients are extremely important as well, and one of the main benefits of this product is that it does not have any chemical additives or unnecessary ingredients.


This product is made of a combination of lamb and rice which provides a balanced overall meal for your dog. The low-fat content is perfect for smaller breeds, and even larger breeds would be able to use this food since it contains real meat and tastes great.


  • The presence of real meat makes this a delicious meal for your dog.
  • Rice is a great source of carbs which your pup is going to need as it grows older.
  • One unique benefit of this food is that it can be fed to pregnant or nursing dogs as well. The unique blend can help the litter developing in your pregnant dog be born as strong as possible and makes nursing an easier process.


  • The fat content of this product can be a little dangerous for small dogs, so you should make sure that you keep your pup active if you are feeding it this brand.


Overall, your pup deserves something that would give it a high-quality meal that it would actually enjoy eating. By using this product, you would be able to give your pup that high-quality meal it deserves!

Diamond Pet Foods Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy


checkWhen your puppy is still very young, it is going to need a very specific kind of nutrition. This is the sort of nutrition that you really can’t get just anywhere. This is a special product that has been designed for pups that have just been weaned off of their mother’s milk.


The specially formulated ingredients of this product provide a great all-around nutrition boost for your pet and can help it form a solid immune system that would prevent diseases later on in life. The grain-free formula has been designed for smaller breeds to grow in a way that would help them stay healthy.

Diamond Pet Foods Diamond Naturals Small Breed PuppyPros

  • This product is great for dogs that tend to gain a lot of weight. The fat content is minimal, so even if your pup ends up eating a lot, it won’t be a problem.
  • The small breed specific formula will prevent your pup from getting diseases that only affect breeds of this size later on in life.


  • This is not a very tasty dog food since it does not contain actual meat. You are going to have to train your dog to eat it without complaining and offer treats between meals if you want your pet to stay happy.


This product is specially designed to give your pup all of the nutrition it is going to need during the first year of its life. This is why you should seriously consider going for this dog food and making it a regular part of your puppy’s dietary schedule.

Diamond Naturals Adult Dogs and Puppies Canned Food – Chicken Dinner


checkA dog food that is perfect for both adults and puppies is great because it means that you are not going to have to get your dog used to a new kind of food later on in life. This can save you a lot of hassle and make your dog strong.


Chicken is the main ingredient used in this product, which is a fantastic choice because it tastes great and promotes muscle growth with its high protein content. The chicken used is pretty high quality and the recipe is chock full of probiotics as well. All in all, its combination of ingredients will keep your dog energized and happy.

Diamond Naturals Adult Dogs and Puppies Canned Food - Chicken DinnerPros

  • The probiotics are very useful because they are going to help your puppy’s sensitive digestive system deal with the heavy food that it is eating.
  • This is one of the few puppy foods that actually tastes good which is great because you won’t have to force your pup to eat it.
  • You should also keep in mind the fact that this food can be used throughout your dog’s life, therefore making it a lot easier for you to maintain a special diet for your dog.


  • Since real chicken has been used, your dog might end up getting overweight if it eats too much.
  • This dog food lacks vitamins as well as other nutrients that your dog would need. You will have to add supplements to its diet in order to give it all the nutrients it needs.


A one-stop solution for the entirety of your dog’s diet makes this a great choice if you are willing to supplement it with other foods and nutrients as well.

Diamond Naturals Adult Dogs and Puppies Canned Food – Beef Dinner


checkBeef is arguably the best possible meat that you can give your dog. It is a red meat, so it is extremely lean and has a high protein content. This product also provides your pup with a concentrated dose of beef.


The all-beef recipe does not contain any byproducts whatsoever. This brings out the actual texture and flavor of the beef and helps your dog attain a much healthier growth rate as it matures. Additionally, this product has been altered a little to add certain elements that would prevent indigestion in your pup.

Diamond Naturals Adult Dogs and Puppies Canned Food - Beef DinnerPros

  • This product is wet food, so it maintains both the flavor as well as the texture of beef. You would be able to watch your pup have the time of its life when it eats this dog food because it is natural meat.
  • This dog food is suitable for both pups and adults, so if you have multiple dogs with some being younger than the others, this can be the only solution you will need.


  • There are no vegetables or fruits in this product, so vitamin supplements are going to be necessary.
  • This product is very lean, so if your dog is underweight, it would not do well while eating it.


This is a great solution for larger breeds that need a lot of protein but don’t need as much fat. The taste is amazing so much so that your dog is never going to want a different brand at all.

Diamond Naturals Adult Dogs and Puppies Canned Food – Lamb Dinner


checkOne of the most underrated meats used in dog food is lamb. This meat is known for providing a high-quality protein intake and it is fattier as well which makes it perfect for underweight dogs that need to add a few pounds in order to reach a healthier overall weight. We already discussed some of the benefits of using lamb in other dog food brands in this article and here.


The pure lamb recipe for this product is free of grains and soy, which means that every bite your puppy eats will be full of nutrition. The additive-free formula is also useful because it does not get your puppy used to chemicals that are often used in other products.

Diamond Naturals Adult Dogs and Puppies Canned Food - Lamb DinnerPros

  • This dog food is perfect for underweight dogs or pups that need a little extra fat in their diets simply because they are so active all of the time.
  • It is a great solution for bone growth. It will ensure that your puppy’s skeletal structure remains strong, thereby allowing you to relax that it would not get injured later on in life.


  • If you have a small breed dog, this food can be unhealthy for it because it would end up gaining far too much weight. Dogs that are prone to weight gain should also avoid this product as much as they can.


In conclusion, this product offers some unique benefits that other dog foods do not. The lamb-based recipe is delicious, healthy, and perfect for larger breeds and active dogs. Your puppy’s growth will be rapid while it eats this dog food and it would heal a lot faster too, so it comes highly recommended.


The great thing about the Diamond puppy food is that no matter which product you pick, you are going to left with the best possible diet for your pet. This is because every product this brand makes has been specially designed to provide the maximum fulfillment of your pet’s dietary needs.