There seem to be a lot of misunderstandings and confusions when it comes to feeding Yorkies with an egg diet. There are claims being made which say that eggs can cause diseases in dogs, whereas others say that eggs are a healthy food item for Yorkshire Terriers.

In reality, an egg is a safe and nutritious meal which would improve your Yorkshire Terrier’s overall health.

Benefits of Eggs

Eggs seem to be a good source of various vitamins and nutrients. They contain all the necessary ingredients for a chick to be able to grow into a new chicken. Eggs tend to be a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B12, fatty acids, iron, and much more. They are also known to be one of the most wholesome sources of amino acids which are the roots of protein. Clearly, eggs are a nutritious and healthy type of food for any sort of organism. Whether dog or human, both need these proteins to be able to grow and remain healthy.

The Risk Involved

The reason people tend to worry about feeding eggs to dogs is that they contain enzyme inhibitors, which tend to interfere with the digestive system of Yorkshire Terriers. However, this is usually the case when dogs are overfed with eggs or when eggs seem to be the only food that the dogs are eating.

Raw egg whites are also known to cause biotin deficiency, but eggs are a strong container of biotins. This nutrient tends to be necessary for the cellular growth of dogs. If the eggs are fed within limits or are cooked, then the chances of such a risk are quite low.

There also seems to be worries about dogs being at risk of contracting Salmonella, which is caused by bacteria. However, a dog’s body is equipped with the ability to battle its way through such bacteria. Therefore, eggs should not be a risky item to feed to dogs.

The Egg Diet

What is most important is how often and what type of eggs are fed to the dogs. It is recommended that Yorkshire Terriers avoid raw eggs and opt for cooked ones. The raw eggs can be a risk and may cause various deficiencies or diseases. The eggs should be cooked and fed as a whole to the dogs.

Furthermore, it is better not to make it a daily routine for dogs to be eating eggs since that is where the problems may arise. Once or twice a week is a recommended time frame for eggs being fed to Yorkshire Terriers.

Eggs are definitely a cheap and healthy source of protein for Yorkshire Terriers and would be a great food for their diet within limits. It is true that problems may arise if the limits are crossed.

However, in the best case scenario, Yorkshire Terriers should be able to consume eggs and enjoy their benefits!