6 Contents Of The Best Dog Food

It is entirely ones decision to keep dogs and this gives you a huge responsibility of taking care of the pet. Your dog’s health is dependent on the food you feed it, and for this reason it is good to always give the best to your pet. Just like human beings and other animals, dogs too have food, special and specifically made for their consumption. Dogs should be fed on a good and well balanced diet. When I talk about good and balanced I mean it should be nutritionally complete food. That is to say all small food portions that you feed to your dog should contain all nutrients. The best dog food should contain the following:

  1. Proteins

Best dog food needs to have proteins because they’re essential in the production of amino acids which will be required by the dog’s body in building muscles, body fur, nails and ligarments. Proteins are also responsible for hormones and enzymes that will regulate functionality and daily activities of the dog. Proteins will also enhance your dog’s health as it continues to grow and age. There are several animal and plant sources that contain proteins for example soybean meals, corn meals, fish meals, beef and chicken lambs. Beware that certain breeds, such as German shepherds, might have different requirements.

  1. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have three categories, that is starch, fibre and sugar, which play a very important role in providing the dog with the much needed energy. Even though the very best dog food should only contain sugar and starch, because fiber cannot be digested by monogastric species like dogs.

  1. Vitamins and minerals

A well balanced diet should contain vitamin A and E to help the body to burn extra fats for weight loss and also slow down the aging process of the dog. Vitamin A is necessary for a good eye sight and healthy skin. Liver and eggs are the sources of vitamin A and E. Vitamin C will help in fighting illness and boost immune system. Potassium and iron minerals are essential for a healthy blood and heart. Calcium and vitamin D will strengthen bones and teeth of your dog.

  1. Fats and oils

Sometimes we tend to associate fats in a diet with the unhealthy gaining of weight which is not the case. Fats are beneficial in a dogs body, just like they are important in a human body, because fats contain essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6.The best dog food  must contain fats and oils to provide energy, healthy skin and also help in supporting and maintaining a good immune system.

The biggest percentage of blood is made up of water and for this reason animals, including dogs, need to be hydrated all the time. So as a dog owner you should always give your dog a lot of water. Giving your dog good food and not giving it water is not advisable, because a well balanced diet includes water that will help in food digestion, circulation of nutrients all over the body, regulation of body temperature and keeping your dog always hydrated.